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Folding Leaflets


Ideale is the main supplier of flexible folding leaflets in Israel and has a growing customer base in Europe.


The production of innovative folding outsert leaflets is Ideale’s expertise. Leaflets designed for the US markets are produced at a state-of-the-art, designated printing facility.


We are using the most advanced technology in this field. Our machinery enable solutions that meet every market demand in a range of various sizes, from 90 panels to 210 panels. We also possess advanced equipment and expertise for the gluing of multiserts – double, triple and more – according to the client’s specifications.

Leaflets are produced with special machines double-sided sheet fed offset 2-8 colours with any combination from 1:1 to 4:4 on the bible paper ECF 40-50 g. Ideale is flexible to any complicated size. 


Ideale is divided into two independent plants. One of the plants locates the outserts production. There are over 100 employees working in this department. With our advanced machinery and years of experience we can offer to our customers an enormous production capacity that is way above 1 million single leaflets and 300 thousand doubles/triples per day. We are able to meet all client’s needs and deadlines.


Ideale adheres to the highest standards of printing work on par with the strictest pharmaceutical industry demands. Ideale recognizes the customer’s needs and can create a specific client’s profile that leads to his satisfaction and long term cooperation.


Ideale has developed an innovative control sensor that scans every sleeve one minute before its closing to double check the products that are sent to our customers. Our outsert’s quality department team including more than 10 people and is constantly monitoring the entire production process to ensure that only the best quality products leave our manufacturing lines. 


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